About Laurie Aurand

I currently live in North Texas. I grew up in Ohio and moved to Florida as a very young newly married lady. I lived in Florida for many years, attended college and raised a really cool and much loved son, Zach. I had a reputation for following the craft of the year through much of my early life. I learned to crochet from my grandmother, took art classes as a child and then went on to glass painting, cake decorating, candle making....you get the picture.

However, then I learned about rubber stamping. I was hooked. I opened a rubber stamp store in Jacksonville Beach, Florida along with a partner who sold beads. I became known as the store that would teach you how to do projects with your stamps that did not include paper and I loved figuring out ways to extend the use  of rubber art stamps
 Life changed and I needed to sell the store and did so to someone who remains one of my best friends. A few years ago, I took a position in Texas as an IT professional. Soon after I got engaged and my fiancé followed me to Texas. Life was great, but my creative soul was calling to me.  I started creating again.  I was making jewelry, doodling and painting some small mixed media pieces. 

I loved to paint so signed up for a painting class in North Carolina.  The dreaded blank canvas stared at me, but it was nothing throwing some paint at it couldn’t cure.  I have never looked back.  I found more teachers to guide me on my journey.  With every new workshop my style evolves a litte more.

Of course, some things about me never change  including a love of color,  You will see that most of my pieces are alive with color.  Of course it is hard for me to only practice one creative avenue so when the paint muse abandons me, I make jewelry, doodle and take pictures, but my first love is painting. I hope you enjoy.